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Unrevealed Questin (the Poem)

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Utsav menia

         Unreaveled Questions

All alone in the deserted road outside

With a heavy heart and no one to walk beside

With my eyes gazing in the darkness

And my heavy heart full of sadness.


          I found no one to look after me

          Nor any one to care for me

          I kept on walking in the dark street

With a hope someday, someone I’ll meet


The experience I got were all so bitter

My life so dull without any glitter

An image which questions in my mind

In the mirror I look an answer to find


          There’s no hope for me in the time of gay

          Like a lose warrior frustrated and in dismay

          In this world full of hatred, suffering and pain

          Helpless, lonely and insecure I remain.


I tried and tried for many a time

Till there was no more leftover time

I went to the place where an angel flies

Where no one has to die.



                                            Utsav Kharel (Uttu)

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