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My first day At school (the essay)
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Utsav menia

         My first day at school



             It’s the same old story you are totally a new creature in a completely new civilization. Yah it’s my first day at school. All the new faces around you make you feel like you are an alien from a new planet or so on. All the new and different faces looking at you as if you were interesting creatures that they have never seen and you feeling lonely is enough to make your first day at school miserable. But later when there are some new friends and you get to know some people you feel like the world is yours. You are not an alien but the same old guy from the same old neighborhood and you hang out with your new friends completely forgetting about your old friends with whom you have spend a part of your life and someday you’ll remember all the glorious moment you have spend it with your old and new friends. Then you’ll remember your old friends…………..


I still remember the day when every thing was completely new and in my school was also new. At this case I missed all of my old friends whether they were nice or rude to me. I was preying to god if I could see any of those old faces. I was searching for a familiar face in a bunch of new people. I remembered all my good old days, the good old friends and all the good memories I spend with them. I began to long for our next meeting whether we will meet or not? These kind of curious things keep creeping in my mind. But I meeting with my old friends was in vain. I could not find any recognized face with whom I have spent a part of my life. I was left in between those new people who hardly knew themselves and were looking forward in meeting a new friend. Like them I was also seeking to meet some one who could help me in my troubles and to whom I can call as my friend. Then I knew once I started talking to a friend other people would also come to talk with us as they are also in search of a friend with whom they can talk and tell them about there previous school and those golden moments that they have shared with their old friends and who were also seeking for a new friends. Then soon enough they will be caught in a vicious circle called friendship from which to come out is impossible. Same happened to me when I joined my new school  all the other students around me were so new looking that newness in the circle brought me a creepy sanction of me being alone in the middle of this new world. The air smelled new, the water tasted new ,the environment seemed so different that at that point I was missing my old school and preying to God and  was feeling very sorry for leaving my old school where all the things were known. Here in this new world I did not also knew where the hell am I in and do I need to be there or not. Who are this entire people around me and do I need to talk with all of them and give them the position of “FRIENDS” which to me had a great value. I can never think that all these people around me will be my dearest friends with whom as always I will also have some bitter but sweet memories and one day I have to say good bye to these friends.  (Like I did to my other friends promising to keep in touch and to see them soon.) But hope that it happens. As always my fear of who my teachers will be, how will they teach and how will they response to all my questions were solved when I got to know all my teachers well. Same happened with all the other people around me they all became my friends and my question about how these people around me will be were solved when I got to know them well and when we all were more open and closer to each other searing our tears, happiness, sorrows and joy with each other and we were all as one and kept the meaning of true friendship.

As we all have to the long journey that we have to complete. The journey of friendship, the journey of love, sorrow and happiness, the journey filled with pain and life long suffering. But a journey full of special meanings such as love, friendship, happiness, memories, and new experience. The journey I like to call “LIFE”. The journey which is impossible without friends and love .The journey which is impossible without new experience and joy.


So this was my first day at school which was filled with fear, remembrance and strangeness which later became a golden moment. The moment I could enjoy on later on. The moment that are written with un erase able ink to my memories. So think and say was your First day at school the same?  


         Utsav Kharel (Uttu)

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