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My trip to old age home (from Y.H)
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Utsav menia
                      From Young Herald (April 2004)
The students complete "Info-tainment" magzine



My trip to old age home

Social work is not done for financial gains or fame, It is for self satisfaction. One should believe his life should be lived for other not for oneself. Social work means to give a helping hand to the needy and poor. Now let me tell you my experience when I went to old age home. On 7th of December our school took us to the old age home Matatirtha, Bridasharam at Thankot. There we had taken biscuit, woolen caps, socks and few cakes of soaps to distribute. Then I got an opportunity to share my love and feelings with them who were either homeless or were neglected by children. I received a lot of love and blessing in return. This is going to remain as a prized possession for me. I also got a chance to learn different things. It is unbelievable how a son could beat his mother and keep her hungry. From this, I learnt how helpless we can be when there is no one around to look after us.

In their tearful eyes and wrinkled faces, I could see my own grand mother. She is no more in this world. I remembered how much I miss her. Being in their company for few hours, it took me down my old memory lane when my grandmother was alive. She used to be very possessive about me. She used to interfer when ever my Dad scolded me. When I saw the old women and came to know how they were betrayed by their family members. Tears trickled down my cheeks. After the conversation with them I came to know how mean a son can be. I think it is really unfair to act that way with them. We should shower them with love and affection because we are their old age sticks.

Taking to these old people I found a sort of change in my friends behaviour. They really cared about old citizens of our nation. The way my friends tried to entertain them by talking with them and showing them different dances. It shows that in future they will prove to be good sons and daughters and will help their parents. I also learnt different values and aspects of life after helping them.

Through this trip I learnt pretty good lesson and received a lot of love from the old women. So I look forward in meeting old peoples and helping them. After this trip I think real children are the ones who love and care for their parents until their last breath. Just saying that I love my parents (at this stage) is not enough. After visiting the old age home my love for my parents became more than before. I came to understand the value of love and help towards elderly people.

So, this is the most important trip of my life. Which caught me many good lessons and aspects of life.

By Utsab Kharel, X

Gyanodaya Residental School 




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