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Phases of life (the Poem)
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Utsav menia

                                                 Phases of the life

When you are in pain

Efforts for happiness are all in vain

All sorrows you get no happiness you find

Laughter and rejoice are left behind


          When you are happy

          You forget the sadness, what sorrows can be

          So share the happiness with others my friend

          Cause you never know when it will end.


Don’t give up the fight until the end

There’s always a bright light that will come again

Even in horrible darkness

There may be a bit of kindness.


          Look at the mirror on the wall

          It reflects the reality where you had a fall

          So realize the good and bad you have done

          Before it’s too late and time is left none.



                                               Utsav Kharel (Uttu)

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